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Founded in the heart of West Bengal, P.K.S. Gold has emerged as a premier establishment in the dynamic Gold Buying and Selling industry. As an Authorized, Certified, and Specialized entity in the Gold Buying and Recycling sector in India, we take immense pride in our commitment to excellence and transparency.

In a nation where the cultural significance of gold goes beyond geographical boundaries, P.K.S. Gold has become the go-to destination for individuals seeking flawless transactions in the realm of this precious metal. Indians, second only to the Chinese, share a profound affection for gold. Beyond being a symbol of security, it is considered a highly lucrative avenue for investment. At P.K.S. Gold, we not only recognize but also embrace this rich tradition. Investing in gold has become a cultural norm, weaving its way into the fabric of many Indian families, transcending regions and cultural backgrounds.

Our establishment is more than a transactional hub; it is a trusted partner for those navigating the intricate world of gold transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, we ensure a seamless experience backed by our expertise and dedication to authenticity. At P.K.S. Gold, we are not just traders; we are custodians of tradition and facilitators of sound investments.

As we continue to operate at the forefront of the Gold Buying and Recycling sector, our commitment to being an authorized and certified entity remains unwavering. P.K.S. Gold is more than a business; it is a symbol of trust, reliability, and a gateway to a world where the allure of gold meets the assurance of a reputable partner. Join us on this journey, where tradition meets modernity, and every transaction is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of gold.

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You just need to bring your Unwanted, Broken or Damaged Gold, & Silver  Jewellery, Gold & Silver Coins into any of our office. Or you may just call us any time you want. Our help line number is  +91 990365254 / +91 9591357845

We give you the Best market prices in Kolkata. We Can Beat Any Offer You Can Have.

We Test the Goods by the Latest Technology XRF Machine , Without Melting You Ornaments.

Answer: Nothing is too small or large ! Any quantity is welcomed

Answer: No, The Valuation is totally Free. 

Answer: if You have the bill then it is OK , Otherwise any Government Photo Identity Card, is Required Like Passport, Voter Id Card, Driving License, PAN Card
.Aadhar Card, Etc

‘Answerlf You have the bill then it is OK , Otherwise any Government Photo Identity Card, is Required Like Passport, Voter Id Card, Driving License, PAN Card
\Aadhar Card, Etc i

Answer: NO, we will not be able to re-sell it as we will be melting it for purification immediately. Please decide before you sell

Answer: Yes, in some cases we can do home service also for a gold loan settlement, but in general we do not provide doorstep service. 


Rupa Mondal Happy Customer

These guys are amazing to deal with. I've used them twice now and got a great price each time. They are really efficient and so friendly! But most of all they are honest. Highly recommend.

Sonu Poddar Happy Customer

Excellent service, very friendly and helpful, l wash surprised at how much value was in my old jewelry better' of cash in my pocket than gathering dust in the cupboard

Sanjeev Kumar Happy Customer

I would definitely recommend this company as the service is private, Can't believe how easy it was to close gold loan I haven't worn for years and receive the cash within few minutes.