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Bring your unwanted, broken, or damaged old gold jewellery and used Silver Jewelry, Gold & Silver Coins, or any other things into any of PKS Gold Old Gold Jewellery Buyers In Kolkata’s branch offices. 


‘Your items will be tested in Front Of Your Eyes by latest technology XRF Machine, without Melting or Damaging them and without charging you any amount. (The Process is totally Transparent and Free).


Our Staff will make you an on the spot offerafter FREE evaluation of your Items. (Most of the jewelers want you to get it exchanged).

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If you accept the offer, you will be PAID cash on the SPOT. Or by any other way you demand like RTGS, Fund Transfer, Demand Draft, Cheque, etc.

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P.K.S. Gold has become a leading destination for premium Gold Buying & Selling Industry – It’s an Authorized, Certified and Specialized in Gold Buying and Recycling Industry in India.

Apart from the Chinese, Indians buy more gold than any other global community. We believe in investing in gold due to its ease of buying and selling. Considered a symbol of security, this yellow metal also brings along good returns most of the time. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that investing in gold has become traditional in many Indian families, irrespective of the region, and the culture seems to be here to stay.

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You just need to bring your Unwanted, Broken or Damaged Gold, & Silver  Jewellery, Gold & Silver Coins into any of our office. Or you may just call us any time you want. Our help line number is  +91 990365254 / +91 9591357845

We give you the Best market prices in Kolkata. We Can Beat Any Offer You Can Have.

We Test the Goods by the Latest Technology XRF Machine , Without Melting You Ornaments.

Answer: Nothing is too small or large ! Any quantity is welcomed

Answer: No, The Valuation is totally Free. 

Answer: if You have the bill then it is OK , Otherwise any Government Photo Identity Card, is Required Like Passport, Voter Id Card, Driving License, PAN Card
.Aadhar Card, Etc

‘Answerlf You have the bill then it is OK , Otherwise any Government Photo Identity Card, is Required Like Passport, Voter Id Card, Driving License, PAN Card
\Aadhar Card, Etc i

Answer: NO, we will not be able to re-sell it as we will be melting it for purification immediately. Please decide before you sell

Answer: Yes, in some cases we can do home service also for a gold loan settlement, but in general we do not provide doorstep service. 

Our Branches

120, 1st Floor, Nigam Centre 155 Lenin Sarani, Street, Dharmatala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013
call: +91 99033 65254 /
+91 9591357845

PKS Gold Private Limited, 2nd Floor 4, Acre Road, Mallick Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
call: +91 99033 65254 /
+91 9591357845

1st Floor Rina Bhawan, Panitanki More, Sevoke Road, Siliguri-734001
call: +91 99033 65254 /
+91 9591357845



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